Top ways of SMS spy iOS – which one is the best?


SMS spy is the only possible way to find out what is in the messages your target person sends and receives. SMS tracker will intercept any message typed in on the device and will copy it to your account. Flexible settings of the applications will let you identify where to send and store copied messages. You can set the message spy application to send the messages directly to your phone.

How to spy on iPhone text messages?

There are many free or cheap ways of how to get copies of text messages sent and received on iPhone. However most of them have numerous disadvantages and fail to perform in the way you expect it. Let us rate all available methods of getting text messages from iPhone to read:

contacting wireless provider – this of spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak is one of the hardest to realize. To contact the wireless provider you will need the next personal data:

  • phone number
  • full name
  • date of birth
  • full address
  • security code

If you are unable to provide these data, you will not get a report. Moreover the printed report will contain only messages sent and received via standard text messages, while chats in Viber, WhatsApp, Talagram, Facebook will remain unknown.

SIM card recovery stick – this is a way of unauthorized penetration into the phone and getting the SIM card out. The recovery stick will give you a chance to fast copy the standard messages. If you need access to WhatsApp or Viber messages, then you will need access to internal memory of the device. You will get access to messages only in case back-ups are made. In this case you will be able to copy the back-ups to read archived messages. This way is not also a solution as it provides illegal access to messages, but will not notify you about new ones.

iPhone sms spy software – it is the simplest and the most effective way to spy on iPhone text messages without anybody knowing about your spying. You will need access to a target phone only once to install the application. There are new advanced versions of spy on text messages iPhone applications allowing remote installation via sending a simple message (the link or download files are undetectable in the message).

Such spy sms iPhone application will copy all the messages into your account where you will see:

  • contact information – these data are taken from the list of contacts
  • text of the message
  • time of sending or receiving
  • the source of message – via which messenger the message is sent. Top applications to spy iPhone text messages support Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Telegram and other messengers tracking.

Text message spy app iphone is almost undetectable on a target phone. This means that if you install the spy sms mobile application remotely, then the owner of the device will not learn about being spied.

There are many sms spy ios solutions. We do not recommend you spyware tracking only standard messages. Choose the ios sms spy application being able to intercept text and media files sent and received from any popular messenger.