Top features of spy apps for android

android device

Android spy is a perfect way of control of kids, family and employees in your office. Android tracker is a spying software monitoring all the activities on an Android device (whether it a cell phone, smartphone or tablet). The applications feature various sets of options. To choose the best android phone tracker you need to know which features are of great use and which are useless.

Cell-phone Tracker App – Android keylogger
Keylogger for Android is one of the ultimate features of any phone tracker for android as it logs all the actions made with phone keyboard. You will get notifications on every piece of text entered with phone. This option allows you to track messages and texts typed in applications which are out of spy apps for android. If a messenger is protected and is not available to monitoring application, then keylogger will provide you information on every piece of text entered. You will not be able to read the messages received in response, but you will clearly see what a target person answers.

android device

GPS tracking

While almost every application uses GPS to report you locations of target persons, still not every GPS phone tracker android offers you to set virtual boundaries.

What is virtual fence? Virtual boundaries or fence is a vital option of advanced spy apps for android. If you do not want your kid or your employee to visit certain places (for example, offices of your competitors), then you can set virtual boundaries. Once the boundaries are crossed, you will get instant alert and estimate the situation and take actions: whether to call a target person or to take into account the violation.

Messages spying

Almost all android spy apps offer monitoring of text and media messages a target person sends and receives, but not every android cell phone tracker gets access to the most popular messengers and chats. Choosing among the best spy apps for android which features the largest list of messengers tracked. The matter is that when a person learns about being tracked, and then he or she tries to install more secure and protected applications. If your spy android application will be unable to penetrate into this application, then you will lose control over a target person.

Social networks

Choosing android cell phone tracker, get sure that the software monitors social network activity. Social networks are the greatest time killers moreover they provide to employees additional channels of leaking business information as well as wasting business hours.

Protect your kid from getting addicted to social networking as well as protect your family from scammers and burglars. Every 5th house gets broken in due extended information posted on social networks, especially about vacations and holidays out of the house and city.

Android spy software is a simple and the cheapest way to protect your kids from wasting time and getting into troubles, your business from leaking data and your family from secret loving affairs. Get instant alerts on what is going on Android phones of your kids, spouse and employees with a single app.