How to find my phone – top ways for iOS and Android

iOS and Android Devices

Too much of user sensitive information is now stored in every phone. We keep access to social networks profiles, to bank accounts, private data and communication, some users store business information in the phone. And once your phone is missed. It is impossible to find phone without specific applications. Fortunately, each developed has performed applications to find iPhone or find Android device.

Apple find my phone – how to find a lost phone?

lost phone

When an iPhone is missed then the first and the simplest way to try to locate it is Find My iPhone brand application. The software is available in iCloud. The icloud find my phone application will:

  • locate your iPhone on the map
  • send a sound signal to find a phone in a room
  • activate Lost Mode to block and track and find your phone – this option turns any iPhone in just a piece of unusable plastic. This ensures that user sensitive data stored on your device will be unavailable to anybody who will find your device
  • remotely erase all the necessary data in case you will not be able to find phone location

How to find a lost phone with iCloud?

First you need to download the application. You need to tune your device first following the instructions on iCloud. After proper setting you will be able to find cell phone number in your iCloud account.

How to find someone’s phone?

ICloud allows you to set Family Share. This means that you will be able to find cell phone location from one account. You can track the phones you add to the account. Unfortunately, iCloud will not be able to detect a phone which is not added to the iCloud previously.

Find my phone Google application

Google has developed a perfect service allowing finding my phone location without any additional settings.

The matter is that Android device is almost impossible to use without Google account. Each device from which you log into your account will be displayed in Android device manager.

lost android phone

This application is web-based and does not need any installations neither on your target device nor on your PC. You need to:

  • go to Android Device Manger
  • enter your Google account details (login and password)
  • open the drop down menu in which all your devices are listed
  • choose a necessary device you want to find or track

Find my phone location service from Google will let you to:

  • locate the phone on the map – this will answer popular question of how to find a lost phone. If your device is lost at home, then you can send a sound signal which will play even if your phone is muted.
  • send a message which will be displayed on the screen on the phone. This message can instruct a person who possibly find your device of how to return it to you. It is another effective way of how to find my phone in case it is stolen.

Unfortunately Google service does not allow to locate other person’s phones. Want to know how to find someone’s phone then we recommend installation of spyware which will track a phone current location with a single call.