Call blocker – top feature of the best spyware

android call blocker

Call blocker is an essential option of protection for any device. Call tracker is an ultimate means of protection and control of your kids, spouse and employees. While in most cases call blocker and call tracker are presented with different software products, there is an optimum solution for you.

Spy application for android cell phones – track and block calls

While top market applications allow you only block calls from unwanted contacts or numbers, limit your availability in time, worldwide call tracker provided in cell phone spyware enables you to:
android call blocker

  • spy on various android devices and to monitor incoming and outgoing calls from a tracked device
  • detect cell tracker GPS location – with advanced spying application you will be able not only track calls but to detect a location of a caller. If somebody pursues you or calls from hidden numbers, then you will be able to detect location of a caller and to make assumption who this person is or provide a report to a police. If you use an official Android call tracker, then the reports will be legal and will be accepted as legal evidences.
  • block calls from hidden numbers or unwanted contacts – this is an essential option rescuing you from wasting time on chats with clingy people. Call blocker android application does not only protect your device. If you install the call blocker on the phones of your kids, spouse or employees, then you will be able to block calls from unwanted number, numbers which are not on the contact list or hidden. There is a call blocker app for iphone which is a solution in case you spy on iOS devices. Mind that spy call tracker will monitor not only cell phones, but tablets which support calls as well.

Call blocker app android will log every incoming and outgoing call in your account. You will get a report on all the calls a target device sends or receives. Every log will contain information on time of start and end of the call, total duration, data about the contact. If you notice excessive frequency of calls to suspicious numbers you can block incoming and outgoing calls to prevent any voice communication with this contact.

Spy call tracker is a optimum solution for parents to monitor whom a kid is chatting to. Moreover advanced applications allow for recording the talks. When a talk is over you can listen to the conversation in your account. You can flexibly set which chats should be recorded. In case the chat proves violation or disobedience you can download it and present as real life evidences.

Why to use call tracker in USA for your business?

Root call blocker is the only possible solution for your business. It enables you to immediately take actions if data leakage is detected. No other software ensures such fast results as this software. Every day your employees drip information on your business to your rivals. With worldwide call tracker you will be able to record calls and talks and to change scripts of dialogues for your employees to secure sensitive data!