iOS and Android Devices

Too much of user sensitive information is now stored in every phone. We keep access to social networks profiles, to bank accounts, private data and communication, some users store business information in the phone. And once your phone is missed. It is impossible to find phone without specific applications. Fortunately, each developed has performed applications to find iPhone or find Android device.

Apple find my phone – how to find a lost phone?

lost phone

When an iPhone is missed then the first and the simplest way to try to locate it is Find My iPhone brand application. The software is available in iCloud. The icloud find my phone application will:

  • locate your iPhone on the map
  • send a sound signal to find a phone in a room
  • activate Lost Mode to block and track and find your phone – this option turns any iPhone in just a piece of unusable plastic. This ensures that user sensitive data stored on your device will be unavailable to anybody who will find your device
  • remotely erase all the necessary data in case you will not be able to find phone location

How to find a lost phone with iCloud?

First you need to download the application. You need to tune your device first following the instructions on iCloud. After proper setting you will be able to find cell phone number in your iCloud account.

How to find someone’s phone?

ICloud allows you to set Family Share. This means that you will be able to find cell phone location from one account. You can track the phones you add to the account. Unfortunately, iCloud will not be able to detect a phone which is not added to the iCloud previously.

Find my phone Google application

Google has developed a perfect service allowing finding my phone location without any additional settings.

The matter is that Android device is almost impossible to use without Google account. Each device from which you log into your account will be displayed in Android device manager.

lost android phone

This application is web-based and does not need any installations neither on your target device nor on your PC. You need to:

  • go to Android Device Manger
  • enter your Google account details (login and password)
  • open the drop down menu in which all your devices are listed
  • choose a necessary device you want to find or track

Find my phone location service from Google will let you to:

  • locate the phone on the map – this will answer popular question of how to find a lost phone. If your device is lost at home, then you can send a sound signal which will play even if your phone is muted.
  • send a message which will be displayed on the screen on the phone. This message can instruct a person who possibly find your device of how to return it to you. It is another effective way of how to find my phone in case it is stolen.

Unfortunately Google service does not allow to locate other person’s phones. Want to know how to find someone’s phone then we recommend installation of spyware which will track a phone current location with a single call.


GPS tracker is an essential means of security, protection and safety of target person. GPS spy applications are of great popularity among parents to track the location of their kids while they are at school or home alone. Location spy is a simple application requiring only initial installation and setting to work correctly.
How to choose software GPS spy for your kids?

Spy software GPS tracking is a type of software detecting and monitoring location of your kids or any target person you want to spy. The application features the simplest mode of action. It detects a target device and sends its location data to your account. You can track the location of a target person either from your PC, tablet or phone.

However the spy GPS software products are different. Some of them just track the location and send you data, others let you set the virtual boundaries, while the third type of application is full featured phone/SMS spy software & GPS tracking application allowing you to:

Spy on all of the actions taken with a target phone – calls, messages via all popular messengers as Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram and others. These applications monitor camera usage and multimedia files stored on a target device – each time a target person sends, receives or makes a multimedia file you will get notification.

gps phone

Spy on location – use GPS tracking spy software download to get and install a powerful tracking application. You will be able not only to detect a location, but to set virtual boundaries to get instant alerts each time when a target person crosses the boundaries. This is a “calming” and time saving feature as you do not need to keep an eye on the location of a target person each time.

Instantly see the changes – download GPS spy software and get instant notifications on the changes of location of a target person. You know the value of time and of timely made decisions. If you miss the moment, then your kid may get into trouble or your employee may successfully leak the information to your competitors. To prevent any hazards spy software GPS tracking updates data on location of a spied person every second to keep you informed and up to date. Thus you can be sure that you will get data immediately as the location of a person changes.

Optimize cell phone GPS tracker tracking spy device software to get only vital notifications – if a monitored person is a heavy user of a phone, then it will be really hard to get through the mess of notifications and alerts on your phone to really meaningful and important. Thus we recommend using cell phone location tracker with flexible settings to switch off the notifications and alerts you do not consider important.

How to choose the best spying mobile software?

Apart from listed above options we recommend paying attention to the next features:

Phone number location tracker – this is a vital option for additional protection from unauthorized calls and clingy people. Moreover this option allows you to get the current location of a calling person.

Using mobile number tracker with current location you will not even need to install the software on a target phone. This technology is used by FBI to detect the location of suspects. You need only to talk up to 30 seconds with a target person to get to know where a person is exactly.

Location tracker app is an integral part of advanced spy mobile software being essential protector of your wellbeing and comfort.


SMS spy is the only possible way to find out what is in the messages your target person sends and receives. SMS tracker will intercept any message typed in on the device and will copy it to your account. Flexible settings of the applications will let you identify where to send and store copied messages. You can set the message spy application to send the messages directly to your phone.

How to spy on iPhone text messages?

There are many free or cheap ways of how to get copies of text messages sent and received on iPhone. However most of them have numerous disadvantages and fail to perform in the way you expect it. Let us rate all available methods of getting text messages from iPhone to read:

contacting wireless provider – this of spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak is one of the hardest to realize. To contact the wireless provider you will need the next personal data:

  • phone number
  • full name
  • date of birth
  • full address
  • security code

If you are unable to provide these data, you will not get a report. Moreover the printed report will contain only messages sent and received via standard text messages, while chats in Viber, WhatsApp, Talagram, Facebook will remain unknown.

SIM card recovery stick – this is a way of unauthorized penetration into the phone and getting the SIM card out. The recovery stick will give you a chance to fast copy the standard messages. If you need access to WhatsApp or Viber messages, then you will need access to internal memory of the device. You will get access to messages only in case back-ups are made. In this case you will be able to copy the back-ups to read archived messages. This way is not also a solution as it provides illegal access to messages, but will not notify you about new ones.

iPhone sms spy software – it is the simplest and the most effective way to spy on iPhone text messages without anybody knowing about your spying. You will need access to a target phone only once to install the application. There are new advanced versions of spy on text messages iPhone applications allowing remote installation via sending a simple message (the link or download files are undetectable in the message).

Such spy sms iPhone application will copy all the messages into your account where you will see:

  • contact information – these data are taken from the list of contacts
  • text of the message
  • time of sending or receiving
  • the source of message – via which messenger the message is sent. Top applications to spy iPhone text messages support Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Telegram and other messengers tracking.

Text message spy app iphone is almost undetectable on a target phone. This means that if you install the spy sms mobile application remotely, then the owner of the device will not learn about being spied.

There are many sms spy ios solutions. We do not recommend you spyware tracking only standard messages. Choose the ios sms spy application being able to intercept text and media files sent and received from any popular messenger.

android call blocker

Call blocker is an essential option of protection for any device. Call tracker is an ultimate means of protection and control of your kids, spouse and employees. While in most cases call blocker and call tracker are presented with different software products, there is an optimum solution for you.

Spy application for android cell phones – track and block calls

While top market applications allow you only block calls from unwanted contacts or numbers, limit your availability in time, worldwide call tracker provided in cell phone spyware enables you to:
android call blocker

  • spy on various android devices and to monitor incoming and outgoing calls from a tracked device
  • detect cell tracker GPS location – with advanced spying application you will be able not only track calls but to detect a location of a caller. If somebody pursues you or calls from hidden numbers, then you will be able to detect location of a caller and to make assumption who this person is or provide a report to a police. If you use an official Android call tracker, then the reports will be legal and will be accepted as legal evidences.
  • block calls from hidden numbers or unwanted contacts – this is an essential option rescuing you from wasting time on chats with clingy people. Call blocker android application does not only protect your device. If you install the call blocker on the phones of your kids, spouse or employees, then you will be able to block calls from unwanted number, numbers which are not on the contact list or hidden. There is a call blocker app for iphone which is a solution in case you spy on iOS devices. Mind that spy call tracker will monitor not only cell phones, but tablets which support calls as well.

Call blocker app android will log every incoming and outgoing call in your account. You will get a report on all the calls a target device sends or receives. Every log will contain information on time of start and end of the call, total duration, data about the contact. If you notice excessive frequency of calls to suspicious numbers you can block incoming and outgoing calls to prevent any voice communication with this contact.

Spy call tracker is a optimum solution for parents to monitor whom a kid is chatting to. Moreover advanced applications allow for recording the talks. When a talk is over you can listen to the conversation in your account. You can flexibly set which chats should be recorded. In case the chat proves violation or disobedience you can download it and present as real life evidences.

Why to use call tracker in USA for your business?

Root call blocker is the only possible solution for your business. It enables you to immediately take actions if data leakage is detected. No other software ensures such fast results as this software. Every day your employees drip information on your business to your rivals. With worldwide call tracker you will be able to record calls and talks and to change scripts of dialogues for your employees to secure sensitive data!

android device

Android spy is a perfect way of control of kids, family and employees in your office. Android tracker is a spying software monitoring all the activities on an Android device (whether it a cell phone, smartphone or tablet). The applications feature various sets of options. To choose the best android phone tracker you need to know which features are of great use and which are useless.

Cell-phone Tracker App – Android keylogger
Keylogger for Android is one of the ultimate features of any phone tracker for android as it logs all the actions made with phone keyboard. You will get notifications on every piece of text entered with phone. This option allows you to track messages and texts typed in applications which are out of spy apps for android. If a messenger is protected and is not available to monitoring application, then keylogger will provide you information on every piece of text entered. You will not be able to read the messages received in response, but you will clearly see what a target person answers.

android device

GPS tracking

While almost every application uses GPS to report you locations of target persons, still not every GPS phone tracker android offers you to set virtual boundaries.

What is virtual fence? Virtual boundaries or fence is a vital option of advanced spy apps for android. If you do not want your kid or your employee to visit certain places (for example, offices of your competitors), then you can set virtual boundaries. Once the boundaries are crossed, you will get instant alert and estimate the situation and take actions: whether to call a target person or to take into account the violation.

Messages spying

Almost all android spy apps offer monitoring of text and media messages a target person sends and receives, but not every android cell phone tracker gets access to the most popular messengers and chats. Choosing among the best spy apps for android which features the largest list of messengers tracked. The matter is that when a person learns about being tracked, and then he or she tries to install more secure and protected applications. If your spy android application will be unable to penetrate into this application, then you will lose control over a target person.

Social networks

Choosing android cell phone tracker, get sure that the software monitors social network activity. Social networks are the greatest time killers moreover they provide to employees additional channels of leaking business information as well as wasting business hours.

Protect your kid from getting addicted to social networking as well as protect your family from scammers and burglars. Every 5th house gets broken in due extended information posted on social networks, especially about vacations and holidays out of the house and city.

Android spy software is a simple and the cheapest way to protect your kids from wasting time and getting into troubles, your business from leaking data and your family from secret loving affairs. Get instant alerts on what is going on Android phones of your kids, spouse and employees with a single app.

The male hand holding a phone against the background of the table

Need a powerful iOS tracker to spy iPhone without jailbreaking? Modern world is full of hazards and temptations we are hard to resist to. While adults are more able to estimate the risks, kids are more susceptible and vulnerable to wasting time on the phone talking, chatting, hanging on social networks. iOS call spy will let you check your employees and spouse as well as the latest iOS devices have become full features computers being able of processing, copying, scanning, sending and receiving of big data which is a great risk for your business or family.

How to choose the best spy app iOS 8 for your kids?

Understanding the necessity of spy app for iphone for your kids, you face the next problem of choosing proper spy apps for iOS.
iphone for your kids
Consider the next facts when choosing spy iPhone application to install on your kid’s phone:

Ways of activity of you kid – whether your kid is fond of social networking and spends all the time online or your kid just prefer chatting with friends via Viber, Skype or WhatsApp.

Then estimate which apps are heavily used on the phone on your kid and check whether a chosen iPhone spyware without jailbreaking supports monitoring of these social networks and activities. Why it’s important to limit your kid’s time on social networks and in chats? These are the greatest time killers taking efforts and time which can be spend with more use. Moreover social networks leak information about your kid, your house and property to scammers.

Behavior of your kid – whether your kid is apt to lie or not. If your kid is of rebellious spirit then you must pay attention to GPS tracking and setting of virtual boundaries as it is impossible to keep an eye on the location of your kid each moment. By setting virtual boundaries you will get alerts each time your kid is crossing forbidden zone. Most offers of spy software for iPhone support GPS tracking, but not every app allows for setting virtual boundaries.

How to choose spy apps for iOS for your business?

While tracking kids can be selective, when it comes to tracking your employees then there are no compromises. You need the most powerful spy iOS 7 or iOS 8 for protecting ad securing your business.

Cell phone tracker iOS does completes two tasks for your business:
The male hand holding a phone against the background of the table

preventing leakage of business sensitive data – using target iPhone camera for video and audio recording the surrounding will reveal to you what your employees are doing outside the office and how they conduct meetings and business negotiations. Your employees may leak information about your business right now to your rivals.

improving efficiency of your staff – the spy app for iPhone will detect all the non-business activities of your employees in the office. Moreover, choose an application which has text tracker iOS add-on, this will let you get copies of all the texts typed on the target device or devices.

Another feature to take into account is that spy software for iPhone should be able of tracking multiple devices. This means that you will get all the logs of the target phones of your employees in one account.

Stop being unprotected and vulnerable. Get a powerful protecting and spying tool enabling you of taking immediate actions on getting alerts about iPhone abuse!